A Letter from Dan: Chegg Adds Internships.com to the Student Hub

Hi, this is Dan, CEO of Chegg. Today we added Internships.com, the largest student-focused internship site, to the Student Hub.

This is great news for you, because we know that finding a good job is why most of you are going to college. We also know that completing multiple internships throughout college is one of the surest ways to develop the skills and land the job you want when you graduate. And Internships.com is by far the best online tool for getting you to where you want to be.

As we expand our services to include internships, we don’t want you to forget about all of the other ways we are helping students to get the most out of college.

Right about now (according to the emails I get from my daughters) the strain of midterms is creeping in. So when you get stuck (and we all do) in your schoolwork, check out Chegg Study, and find an on-demand online tutor, the Textbook solution you need, an expert Q&A database, flashcards and more.

If you’re anxious about a career path (and who isn’t), or a job after graduation, there’s the Chegg Career Center, a place to explore career paths, assess the skills you have against the skills you’ll need, participate in online hiring fairs, and of course search for and apply to internships.

We hope this rings loud & clear: You’re not alone, and we want to help you make college better. If there are things we haven’t thought of (and there are so many) that can or should be fixed with technology or external pressure, let me know. We’re eager to hear from you, help you solve problems, and make your college experience the best it can be.



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