Wear My Technology, Sure. But What’s a Wearable?

With Apple poised to launch the iWatch, we asked 1030 high school and college students what they think of the entire category of wearable technology devices, or Wearables.

Students are overwhelmingly interested in the devices, with 70% of them telling us they’ll consider buying a device within the next year.  The same percentage see the devices as a possible fashion statement. And while Apple has generated ample buzz, with 49% of students reporting that they’ll check out the iWatch when available, only 8% are seriously considering buying one.

Not surprisingly, the technology has to be affordable, with only 15% of students willing to spend more than $150 on a wearable device. But they definitely see some potential benefits in the technology with 90% of students believing that a device that tracked their activity would improve their personal fitness.

Most surprisingly – at least to those of us in Silicon Valley – 2/3 of students said that they’d never heard the term ‘Wearables’ before. Even so, they are very familiar with the devices themselves. 86% know Google Glass, 64% recognize the Nike Fuelband and know Fitbit. Oddly enough, 7% of students had heard of the Chegg FitPro, which is actually just an inside joke (sorry).


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