Your bookstore wants to hold you captive – and your school may be an accessory!


George Washington University in D.C. and its bookstore want to keep you in the dark about your textbook options.  In fact, the university and bookstore teamed up for a letter to the faculty last month forbidding professors and University personnel from telling students about off campus sources for required materials – are they afraid you’ll save money and find a better deal online?   And while faculty uproar caused the university to back off this position slightly, we’re still angry and think you should be too.

It simply demonstrates that when it comes to the interests of hardworking students and their families, nobody seems willing to put the students first. At Chegg, we think that is just plain wrong, so we’re offering GW students an additional 5% off their textbooks this semester. Sure beats standing in line to pay full price on campus! Just plug in the coupon code SOC5PER65 during checkout.

Now study hard and sleep better knowing that Chegg has your back and will take on the entrenched interests who are trying to gouge you.

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