Amazon Fire Phone Gets Students Excited, But They’re Not Ready to Switch

U.S. college students react to Amazon’s new phone, features and brand

June 26, 2014 – Last week, Amazon introduced its first smartphone, so we asked students to tell us what (if any) buzz the Fire Phone is generating on campus.

Most impressive for Amazon: Before the Fire announcement, only 1% of students considered Amazon to be the most innovative mobile electronics maker.  After the announcement, that number shot up to 23%, primarily at the expense of Apple and Samsung.

Overall, students expressed their excitement and surprise at the news, with half telling us they’d consider buying the phone.  Their number one feature, by a landslide, was Firefly technology, which allows users to identify phone numbers, QR/bar codes, movies & TV episodes, music, products and more with a dedicated image-capturing button.  Women were more likely than men to say they’re excited by Firefly, and men were more likely to say they were interested in MayDay than women.  MayDay is the company’s free, on-demand customer service offering on the Fire Phone. 

But, the new product didn’t sway customer loyalty in the phone market.  Forty-five percent of students, while excited about Amazon’s news, told us that the iPhone is the next phone they’re most likely to purchase next.  Samsung follows at 22%, then Amazon at 15%.

For more information, see our infographic below.

Is Amazon's New Phone on Fire?

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